About Ivanjica


Ivanjica is a beautiful town located in southwestern Serbia, on the banks of the river Moravica.
Ivanjica is a picturesque valley surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the mountains: Golija, Javor, Mucanj, Cemerno and Radocelo, an oasis of untouched nature, clean air and home to hospitable and friendly people.

The first air spa in Serbia

Due to its geographical location and natural characteristics, Ivanjica has been declared an Air Spa, as a place of leaf air, very suitable for the treatment of various lung diseases and anemia.

Also, Mount Golija has been declared a Bio Sphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Ivanjica in pictures

Stone bridge

Monument to General Draža Mihajlovic

Monument to to the Revolution (WWII)

Panorama of Ivanjica

The main street

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